"José M. Vaquero" ✆ to Rainer, Thierry, Frédéric, Edward, leif 10:38 AM, Aog. 13, 2011


Dear colleagues,

I am the "Topic Leader (TL)" to organize the session on Historical Sunspot Records in Sunspot Workshop (Sunspot, USA, 19-22 September). I am a non-experienced TL, I am sorry!

I have some ideas about the contents of this session (45 min.) mainly about re-compilation of sunspot data, quality control of these data, and new methodologies of analysis. I think that we can made one only presentation following this initial sketch (see below). However, I would like to ask you about yours ideas and other possible contributions, especially for on-going works (not published). Please, feel you free to change all if it is necessary.

Very preliminary sketch of session "Historical Sunspot Records":

1. Historical Sunspot Records: archives and libraries a) The RBO experience (Frédéric). b) Staudacher papers (Rainer). [or sunspot number from drawings by Staudacher] c) Recent advances in sunspot number for 17th-18th centuries (Vaquero). d) Sunspot Number from Madrid Observatory: testing Leif's breakpoints (Vaquero).

2. Historical Sunspot Records: working with historical data a) Quality control: Relationship between sunspot number and active days (Vaquero) b) SVD: a new methodology to reconstruct sunspot number series (Thierry).

Thank you very much for your work and attention!

Best regards from sunny Spain