Registration and Fees

For our planning purposes, all invited participants are asked to confirm their attendance (or expected absence) at the Workshop in Brussels. Please, send an e-mail confirmation, mentioning any accompanying person, to Frédéric Clette ( BEFORE FEBRUARY 15.

All organizational costs for all sessions and for the lunches at the ROB have been kept to a minimum thanks to the financial support of the STCE (Solar –Terrestrial Center of Excellence) kindly granted by Ronald van der Linden, ROB Director and STCE General Coordinator. Therefore, there is no base registration fee. Lunches will be offered from Monday to Friday, except Wednesday.

Only the Wednesday excursion and Thursday workshop banquet will be charged to participants who choose to take part in those social activities (We warmly invite you to join!). The cost of the excursion is estimated at about 10€/person and the banquet at about 35€. Once the number of participants is known, the exact cost will be announced in the next circular in April. Participants will then be asked to confirm their participation to those activities at least two weeks before the meeting. The corresponding fees should be paid at the registration desk on Monday morning May 21. Only cash money can be accepted.