12 September 2011

Workshop Schedule Edit

The Topic Leader, designated for each session, is responsible for organizing/ coordinating the presentation of that topic.

Monday 19 September The Sunspot Number, Total Immersion

08:15 Ed Cliver Welcoming remarks / Logistics / Ground rules / Motivation & Goals

08:45 Frédéric Clette, Laure Lefevre, Leif Svalgaard & Ali Kilcik – History, Evolution, and Construction of the International Sunspot Number

10:00 Break

10:20 Continuation

11:00 Jose Vaquero, Frédéric Clette, & Thierry Dudok de Wit, & (Rainer Arlt) – Historical Sunspot Records

12:00 Lunch (Dining Hall; ~$5/day)

13:30 David Hathaway, Leif Svalgaard, & (Ken Schatten) – The Group Sunspot Number

14:40 Break

15:00 Bill Livingston, Frédéric Clette, Phil Judge, Laure Lefevre, Ali Kilcik, David Hathaway & Ken Tapping – The Disappearing Sunspots & the Recent Solar Minimum

17:00 Wine & Beer Reception (Dining Hall)

Tuesday 20 September The Sunspot Number, Total Immersion (Continued)

08:00 Doug Biesecker – The Boulder Sunspot Number

08:30 K.S. Balasubramaniam – Automated Sunspot Number from ISOON

Sunspots & The Magnetic Needle

09:00 Alexis Rouillard & Leif Svalgaard – Historical Geomagnetic Data

10:00 Break

10:20 Leif Svalgaard – Using Geomagnetic Data to Calibrate the Sunspot Number

12:00 Lunch (Dining Hall)

13:30 Ingrid Cnossen & Erdal Yigit – Earth’s Changing Dipole & Geomagnetic Activity

14:30 Break

15:00 Continuation

16:00 Open Discussion

17:00 Western Barbeque (Dining Hall)

Wednesday 21 September From a Peak to a Cavern

Convoy leaves for Carlsbad Caverns at 08:30

Thursday 22 September Keeping Tabs on the Sunspot Number

08:30 Alexei Pevtsov, David Hathaway, Ali Kilcik, & (Peter Foukal) – Sunspot Area as a SSN Correlate: Greenwich and Beyond

10:00 Break

10:30 Luca Bertello, Jeff Morrill, & Alexis Rouillard & (Peter Foukal) Development of the Ca II K-line Index

12:00 Lunch

13:30 Ken Tapping & Stephen White – The F10.7 Index

15:00 Break

15:30 Ed, Leif & All Open Discussion / Summary / Mid-course Assessment / Planning for the 2nd Workshop

16:30 Adjourn

18:30 Workshop Banquet at The Lodge


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